December 23, 2016

International Photographic Council announces Board of Directors

The International Photographic Council, a multinational, non-profit, non-commercial organization of the United Nations, announced the election of Dr. Robert M. Banasik and Bernd C. Gassner to its existing Board of Directors. Founded in 1974, the IPC is dedicated to increasing worldwide recognition of photography as a universal means of communication, through the adoption of a motto, “Peace through Understanding, Understanding through Photography, the Universal Language.”

Dr. Bob Banasik is an associate professor of marketing at Post University and has been active in the photo industry for over 30 years. He has served as CEO of Best Photo Imaging Center, President of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA), holds an MBA from Post University, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Walden University.

Bernd Gassner is Managing Director and owner of B. C. Gassner GmbH & Co. KG, Sendenhorst, Germany. In 2003, he bought a 100-year-old dairy farm and converted it to a photo studio and advertising agency. Gassner, who achieved the Master Qualified European Photographer award held by only 51 top European photographers, is President of the Westphalian Professional Photographer Association, Vice President of the Central Association German Professional Photographers, and Board Member of the Professional Photographers in the Federation of European Professional Photographers.

The complete results  of the election included:
President: James Chung
Vice President: Kathy Schneider-Jello
Vice President: John Segall
Vice President: Ted McGrath
Vice President: Kathy Magrane

Board of Directors:
Manny Almeida (Fujifilm North America Corp.)
Professor Robert Banasik (Post University)
James Chung
Thomas Curley (Panasonic North America)
Mavis Donkor (Bemmah LLC)
Kathy Schneider-Jello
Bernd Gassner (B.C. Gassner Gmbh & Co. KG)
Fred Lerner (Mailpix)
Kathy Magrane (SouthComm Business Media)
Andy Marcus (Fred Marcus Studio)
Ted McGrath (Ted McGrath Consulting)
Ken Olson (Olson Studio)
Manny Parks (Pro Photo Image)
John Segall (Lifetouch Inc.)
Muzammil Izhar Siddiqui (Fotoline)
Tor Weatherstone (Scandinavian Photo Consult)

The International Photographic Council (IPC), a multinational, non-profit, non-commercial organization of the United Nations, is composed of representatives from every major sector of the photographic industry.

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